Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Customer Care

Hello all,

We have a great discussion on our Yahoo! Group that I thought I would post here as well. Our discussion is in regard to our packaging of items that we sell. How do we make these items special to each customer? There are many on the team that have posted and I believe it is wonderful information to share with more individuals about our Montana team. It is important that they know we take customer care seriously. We all care about the items we sell so we make sure that our items arrive in perfect condition. We put care into our packaging with colors, textures, boxes, ribbons, etc.

Great job team for the care you have for your products and customers. If you would like, blog what you have already shared here.

Thanks everyone,

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Jamie of ItsieBitsies said...

I have only had one sale (have not been promoting well), but when I sent out my package it was a little robot key-chain guy (Springy Sam was his name) and I wrapped him up in a piece of printed canvas, then wrapped the PayPal invoice around him with a small thank you note hand written on the invoice, then placed it all in a bubble mailer. I also have a stash of little squares of cool paper stamped with "Thank you, thank you" on the back that I attached to the little guy.
It was a big surprise to get that sale, so I went with what I could do to keep the piece safest in the mail.
Must have worked just fine since I have not heard anything negative from the buyer :-)