Monday, November 10, 2008

From Georgia's house to yours!

You might want to call Georgia of BestDoilies the Kitchen Creator! She crochets net scrubbies, table runners, decorative table doilies and butterfly magnets. She also sews aprons for adults and children. However, Georgia just cannot stop herself at the kitchen, she also sews checkbook covers, magnetic wallets, snuggle blankets and lace earrings and ornaments, to name a few.

Georgia loves finding the perfect material and creating something that someone else will love as much as she loved creating it. She says, “When others love your work that is a feeling that is hard to describe and I love the whole process.”

Many of Georgia’s works are inspired by her surroundings. She has lived in Montana all her life and is “happiest as long as I am anywhere in Montana. I love the lakes, mountains and the great open lands.”

Georgia is very grateful for what she has and where she is. Being in Montana and being able to share her crafts with those who truly enjoy them.

Thank you, Georgia, for sharing your BestDoilies with us and on Etsy!

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Juliana said...

A True Montana Friend, Georgia can make you anything upon request. I recently had butterfly fabric made to fit my kitchen table 4'X4' with lace of lavender and sage colors to match the fabric, lavender/purples being my favorite color! Give this Girl Wonder a Hand!!!