Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Sillies

Some funny and crazy comments from BSMET members on being in the Montana Team

You know you're in the Montana team when...

... there's discussion of skinning rattlesnakes
... it seems perfectly natural to share what we bagged this hunting season
... it's unusual to NOT have pets/livestock
... snow is possible any time of year
... we think nothing of driving hours to work a craft show together
... when our snow tires do not come off until July
... we travel in emergency travel only roads to get to a show
... we bring beer in our coolers to a show
... you bring "fermented grape juice" to your craft show
... you move to Ohio and cannot bring yourself to change your Driver's License after 10 months (or longer)
... you move out-of-state and when the grocery store clerk asks "paper or plastic" you ask why boxes aren't an option
... you no longer live in Montana, so you refer to yourself as a tumbleweed
... you cannot understand what is wrong with pronouncing creek "crick"
... you think it would be cute to use an actual tumbleweed as a Christmas decoration (or you have done that)
... you prefer traveling on gravel roads in the winter, since they are smoother when they are covered in ice
... when you milk a cow and the cream freezes before it hits the bucket
... when the power goes out and you melt snow to brush your teeth
... when your sitting on top a wooden fence between two boars
... when you lasso a calf and it takes off over the ice - and you sit down and enjoy the ride
...when you are climbing a fence and the pig bites your toe and you end up hanging over the fence on your stomach

Or .. if those things haven't happened to you, they've happened to someone you know.

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Hope you enjoyed the sillies today and have a great weekend!

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Margie, Montanakntrygal's Treasure said...

.... when "going to town" means driving many miles to get to a Walmart!