Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Montana Booty Queen!

And, no, she's not the queen of the Pirate Treasure, Carolyn of lilbabythangs creates adorable booties and patterns for even the beginning sewer. And she's a true Montana Momma!

Camping on a mountain-top for 5 months with 6 boys, ages 2 to 19, and keeping your sanity would definitely rank as a ‘most memorable experience’ . . . and it certainly is one of Carolyn's. As she says, it is all worth it, as long as she is home in Montana.

Carolyn calls much of western Montana home and says, “I need green, the woods, the sound of the breeze through the trees, the streams babbling, the animal and bird sounds to soothe my soul, my nerves and allow me to hear myself think.”

Carolyn has lived around the United States, including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Pennsylvania - she finds her best inspiration in Montana. And she must be very inspired! Carolyn makes the sweetest baby booties and wonderful patterns. Carolyn has even had several patterns put in the Clotilde catalog! Congratulations to Carolyn on her amazing work.

Carolyn puts a great amount of effort and joy into crafting her patterns. She says, “I enjoy the pattern drafting and getting it perfected on the computer so it will print up nice, the most, [of her creative process].”

Lilbabythangs are created by Carolyn when she has peace and quiet, order and no interruptions! She says, “I have things in order, so I clean up and clean off - I just don’t put away well, till I have to. And I really hate interruptions.”

I think the lack of interruptions are paying off, even though Carolyn has recently moved - don't worry, she's still in Montana :-), lilbabythangs recently made a new high-flying bootie pattern called Soft Landings, complete with wings to glide in on!

Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your creativity and yourself with BSMET and Etsy!


Asianexpressions said...

I met Carolyn and her husband when she was house hunting in Helena. She came to visit me at my Fall art and craft fair. I instantly draw to her beautiful smile and her easy going style. Carolyn is a talented individual. It's such a joy and privilege for me to meet Carolyn.

Carolyn West said...

I am honored. Thank you for your kind words Jamie!